Browser syncing as it should be: secure, anonymous and free!

Download xBrowserSync now and start taking back control of your data!



Your data is encrypted and decrypted on your device. No one but you can read it.



No sign up required and no personal data is collected. Just install and sync.



There are no charges for using xBrowserSync and you’ll never see a single ad. Ever.

xBrowserSync is a free and open-source alternative to browser syncing tools offered by companies like Google, Firefox, Opera and others. The project was born out of a concern for the over-reliance on services provided by big tech, who collect as much personal data as they can and have demonstrated that they do not respect their user’s privacy. Now, with the proliferation of open-source code and projects it’s easier than ever to create tools and services that allow users to take back control of their data!

xBrowserSync respects your privacy and gives you complete anonymity. No sign up is required and no personal data is ever collected. To start syncing simply download xBrowserSync for your desktop browser or mobile platform, enter an encryption password and click Create New Sync! You’ll receive an anonymous sync ID which identifies your data and can be used to access your data on other browsers and devices.

xBrowserSync does not only sync but also enhances your productivity by enriching your native browser bookmarks with the addition of descriptions and tags, and an intuitive search interface enables you to find, modify and share bookmarks quickly and easily. xBrowserSync even adds descriptions and tags to new bookmarks for you automatically. And don’t ever worry about losing your data thanks to the included back up and restore functionality.

The xBrowserSync desktop browser web extension syncs your browser data between desktop browsers. It works with the browser’s native bookmarking features so you can keep using the native tools whilst always staying in sync. If you like to organise your bookmarks into folders don’t worry, xBrowserSync respects your bookmark hierarchy and syncs it across your browsers.

Get the xBrowserSync mobile app for your Android mobile device. Search through your synced bookmarks just as you would using the web extension, except adding new bookmarks is as easy as sharing from your favourite apps (browsers, YouTube, Spotify and many other apps that share URLs).

Choose from a growing list of public xBrowserSync services to sync to, or run your very own xBrowserSync service for syncing in complete privacy. The xBrowserSync team runs the official xBrowserSync service which is the default service that xBrowserSync uses, but anyone can run their own service and take complete control of their data.

The number of xBrowserSync users are growing every day and the code base is active and being constantly improved. The current roadmap is to support all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge), and sync open tabs and history as well as bookmarks. If you would like to contribute to the development of xBrowserSync to help deliver functionality sooner, read more on how you can get involved.

Download xBrowserSync now!

xBrowserSync is available as a web extension for desktop browsers and mobile app for Android.


Choose from one of the following public xBrowserSync services to sync to. The official xBrowserSync service, api.xbrowsersync.org, is the default service within xBrowserSync and is maintained by the xBrowserSync team. Other services are run independently by volunteers who have kindly offered the use of their service to the public.

If you are hosting a public xBrowserSync service and would like it added to this list, let us know.

Important: Service administrators take no responsibility for your data so please remember to backup regularly.

Want to contribute? Get involved!

xBrowserSync is only possible because like-minded individuals contribute their time and talent to make it work. If you use xBrowserSync and want to contribute, you can:


If you know how to dev JavaScript web apps or Node.js Express web services, check out the current issues list for the web extension/mobile app or API and submit a pull request for a fix or enhancement. If you’re planning on implementing a new feature then please do let us know and we’ll co-ordinate with you to help get it done.


The lives of software developers would be far easier if everyone just spoke English, but the world would indeed be the poorer for it. If you are able and willing to help translate xBrowserSync to another language, click here to get started.


Even the smallest donations mean that we can continue to improve xBrowserSync and ensure that it remains an effective tool in protecting our privacy and productivity against the rot of big tech! We accept donations via Liberapay, Patreon or cryptos.


Found a bug? Want to request a new feature? Head on over to GitHub and submit an issue for either the web extension/mobile app or the API.


The number of xBrowserSync users are growing every day and those users require xBrowserSync services to sync their data to. In order for xBrowserSync to remain free, we need volunteers who are willing to host a public xBrowserSync service on their own server for users to sync to. If you are interested in hosting a service, clone or download the xBrowserSync API source code from our GitHub repo and follow the instructions in the README. Once your service is up and running, let us know the URL so it can be added to the list of public xBrowserSync services.

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Note: To report a bug/issue with xBrowserSync, please do so via GitHub.